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Install hackintosh / OSX but having issues

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I am trying to do a dual boot but having issues and can not find any other help online.

I firstly installed Windows 7 and partioned the hard drive into 2 equal parts, then installed W7 onto the first one. Then booted the 10.6.5 OSX intel & amd.... partioned the other part to be for mac (journaled?). Then installed the OSX. Then when rebooting the computer it has an option to boot into windows 7 or OSX. Windows 7 works but then OSX goes to a gray screen with the apple logo in the center and the loading icon under it then in a little bit, a cross sign appears right above the apple (like a "no smoking" cross). The screen stays like that and does nothing else. But if I insert the Easy EFI Disk (and boot the iso) then another screen comes up with the option to click the EasyEFI, the Windows, or Mac portions. Then when I click the Mac it boots into snow lepard 10.6.5......

The problem with this though is it freezes after like 30min. - give or take.

Please help me figure out how to mount the OSX to my hard drive and be able to boot without any problems....

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Erasing your hard drive and reinstalling it again. After you do that tell me your progress

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I have tried earsing and reinstalling on my HDD many times

with the same problems....

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